A few ways you may be leaving money on the table!

It's really all about your “CAPTURE” RATE ” and not the Customer's “INTEREST” RATE !

YOUR CAPTURE RATE: It's all about the money, “Your Money”! Prospects are all looking for a way to acquire new/used equipment at the best price and terms. Providing more Financing Options to suit the situation makes your equipment more affordable, easier to acquire and generates more sales.

STATISTIC: 70% of equipment people don't use leasing as a closing tool and half of the other 30% don't utilize it effectively. Ask us about our “Quick Quote Calculator” which is a closing tool designed to provide your customer with a quick on the spot 1 page customized proposal with all the payment-term options and answers to common equipment finance questions.

YOUR LEAD CONVERSION RATE: Converting shoppers into “ROI purchasers” is the key. It's not about sticker price but about “Return On Investment.” The easiest way to sell ROI is by using an Hourly, Daily, Weekly or Monthly payment example that will help purchasers appreciate your equipment's impact on their productivity and bottom line in the short or long term.

YOUR APPROVAL RATE: It's all about your ability to get your customer's financing approved. The worst feeling in sales is when you have sold a customer but they can't qualify to buy. It's a waste of time and money and is a huge source of frustration. Would an extra 25-40% in finance approvals make a difference to you?

Achieving the highest rate of approval for you is an art. It requires years of experience and skillful implementation of creative and diversified finance options. Most lenders try and fit all your deals through 1 or 2 narrow credit windows. We have 25 plus programs to appropriately tailor fit your customer's credit situation thereby maximizing our ability to approve your customers.

We bend over backwards to finance all your deals not just the A-Credits. The biggest hurdles to credit approvals are low credit scores, lack of time in business, history of slow pays, high revolving debt, bankruptcy, liens, judgments and insufficient business reporting such as D & B, etc. We overcome all or most of these situations by utilizing our resources and expertise to gain an approval for you.

These are just a few of the strategies we have developed:

1)   APP ONLY PROGRAMSQuick n Easy process to bypass the annoying Q & A associated with full financial disclosure required by banks, SBA, and other lending institutions (ie Financials, Tax Returns, PFS )

2)   START-UP PROGRAMSDesigned to capture the under two year old transactions that no bank or most lease lender wants and then do them at reasonable and below market rates.

3)   WORKING CAPITAL LOANSImmediate short term money (under 24 months up to $1Mil) for those businesses that may not qualify under normal credit conditions but have the cash-flow to support a loan. If the opportunity is there and the need is great, we can help!

4)   ASSET BASED LENDINGFor those customers that do not qualify for credit but are willing to pledge additional hard asset collateral to secure your equipment purchase. (assets are vehicles, construction equipment, marketable machinery, R.E., securities)

5) ACCOUNTS RECIVEABLE FINANCINGFor those willing to pledge their
receivables as collateral to increase their cash flow so they can outright purchase the equipment they desire

6)   INSTA-FUNDDesigned to meet the needs of those vendor equipment companies who desire to turn around high volume finance approved business very quickly and dramatically increase their cash flow by getting all their money prefunded upfront with no wait time.

7)   Purchase Order/Contract Financing Some clients need additional equipment immediately to perform on securing a contract/bid/purchase order but don't have the resources themselves and can't readily qualify for normal finance lending. We are now utilizing the contract proceeds cash flow to finance the equipment.



1)  OFFER a quick easy on the spot financing alternative.

2)  FOCUS on Introducing concepts like Leverage, ROI, Profit, Productivity and how they relate to small numbers (i.e Hourly, Weekly and Monthly Payments)

3) INTRODUCE an Equipment Finance Company that has All the Resources, All the Experience and All the Knowledge of how to get your equipment deals done.



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